5 Scams to Avoid While Booking Accommodations in Halong Bay

Are you wondering which scams to avoid while booking accommodations in Halong Bay? Check this article out for the 5 most common scams you should know and avoid before booking accommodations in Halong Bay.

Comfortable accommodation is one of the most important factors that affect directly your vacation in any place. No one desires a hotel room without a bathtub, no free wi-fi connection, or accommodation nearby building constructions. Apart from deciding where to stay in Halong Bay, you must be worried about which booking scams you might fall for and how to avoid them. So, it’s time to know about the most common scams while booking accommodations in Halong Bay.

1. Disappointment at viral photos on the website

Don’t believe in stunning photos on the internet! In many cases, the staff is trying to advertise their business and attract tourists by viral photos on the media. They take advantage of the natural light and some photography skills to cheat clients while booking accommodations in Halong Bay. Moreover, the room in real life might look different from the one in the photos, like without a balcony, no beach view, or lack of furniture.

Except for 4- and 5-star hotels, you’d better ask for more details about the area, decoration, and the real photos if you don’t want to be disappointed with the reality. Additionally, you should take a look at the comments and reviews from those who have experienced their services.

avoid scams of booking accommodation in Halong Bay

To avoid scams of booking accommodation in Halong Bay, you should stay in 4- and 5-star hotels

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2. Difference between listed price and selling price

You might be confused about the wide range of prices on various websites as well as the difference between the listed price and the actual price of accommodations in Halong Bay. The rate could vary during the time of your booking and your arrival day. Hence, some hotels/hostels find ways to get profits from this disparity.

Normally, tourists accepted the listed price while booking directly via the hotels’ website. However, there’s a variety of travel agents offering much better prices than the price quotation offered directly by accommodations. Follow several travel agents to update their promotions, combo, and the best price of accommodations in Halong Bay.

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3. Surcharge for exclusive services

Despite the full details on the website, you’d better ask the hotel owner and the staff for additional information to avoid the unexpected surcharge. You should care about some questions: “Is the food and drink free in your room?”, “How is it from the accommodation to the tourist center?”, “Which services are free and charged during your stay in Halong Bay?” and more. The more information you have, the more benefits you get; especially you will avoid being surcharged for exclusive services.

Those who likely fall for this scam while booking accommodations in Halong Bay are families with children because of the high demand for extra services including spa, fitness, and entertaining activities.

You’d better ask for more details of extra services while booking accommodations in Halong Bay


4. Payment method and the cancellation policy

Before booking the accommodations, you should carefully learn about what percentage of the total bill you should pay in advance or which payment method is accepted. The process of payment should be agreed upon unanimously to avoid this scam while booking a room in Halong Bay.

When it comes to the cancellation policy, you need to pay full attention to cancellation time and fees if needed. Most hostels/hotels require clients to notify of booking cancellation at least 24 hours in advance with NO fee. Nevertheless, some hotels need to be notified for around 48 hours and 72 hours in advance.

With some steps to learn about the basic rules and conditions of cancellation, you can easily avoid the most common scam while booking accommodations in Halong Bay.


5. Unscrupulous travel consultant

Be careful with a bunch of travel consultants in Vietnam. There’re a lot of unscrupulous travel agents taking advantage of the other reputable brands to make money. They are always eager to make money by counterfeit information or no refund policy.

The best way to avoid this booking scam in Halong Bay is to do research cautiously about the travel agents on which you rely. You can take a look at their websites, social media channels and clients’ reviews after experiencing their services. A fake travel agent never public their real photos, contacts, fixed cost, and transparent policy.

In conclusion, every tourist coming to Halong Bay should be aware of the below scams while booking accommodations. The first step is to avoid the exaggeration of unscrupulous companies. Then, rely on a trustworthy one who can arrange either your accommodation or tour itinerary in Halong Bay.

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